Summary Favourites

Summary Favourites

Summary favourites enables you to customize the fields you'd like to see on the Summary tab for all your Crash Reporting errors groups.

What are Summary favourites

When you click an error group in Crash Reporting, you will land on the error group's Summary tab. There will be yellow stars on the right side of most of the fields - these indicate that these fields have been saved as a 'favourite' to be viewed on the Summary tab:

If you have not chosen any Summary favourites, the Summary tab will show the default favourites. You can view a list of the default favourites below.

Choose favourites

To choose favourites to add to the Summary tab:

  1. In an error group, navigate to a tab that contains selectable favourites
  2. If there's a field with a grey star next to it, simply click on the grey star to add the field to the Symmary tab:
  3. To remove a favourite form the Summary tab, just click on the yellow star.

Reset favourites

To reset Summary favourites back to the default selection:

  1. Navigate to the Raygun User Settings Page by clicking your avatar on the top right corner of the app, then clicking on "My Settings"
  2. Click on "Reset Summary Favourites"
  3. Done!

Default Summary favourites

  • Occurred on
  • Machine name
  • Message
  • Tags
  • Class name
  • Version
  • Request
    • Host name
    • URL
    • IP address
  • Error
    • Message
    • Class anme
  • User
    • Identifier
    • Email
    • First name
    • Full name
  • Stack trace

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