Managing Teams and Users

Managing Teams and Users

Teams can be managed from within the Plan Settings page. This can be accessed from the menu by clicking on your account name and selecting the Plan from under the plans section, then clicking Teams.


Teams contain a list of both applications and users. All users in a team have access to the applications listed.

There are two special teams, Owners and Users.

Owners have the ability to manage teams, billing and applications.

Users contain all the people invited to a plan. Removing a user from the Users team removes all of their access to applications on the plan.

Creating a Team

You can create additional teams by clicking the green Create Team button at the top of the teams page. After creating a team you will be added to it by default.

Inviting Team Members

You can add team members to a team by selecting a team and entering their email address in the Invite team member box. If they have an existing account with Raygun they will be automatically added otherwise they will be emailed and prompted to join.


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