Getting started

Getting started with Pulse for mobile

Unlock Pulse

To get started, you'll first need to unlock Pulse in one or more of your Raygun applications (if you haven't already done so). There are 2 ways that this can be done:

  • While creating an application. If you do not yet have an application in Raygun that you want to send Pulse for mobile data to, then go ahead and create a new app in Raygun now. This can be done by clicking the '+' button near to top left of the Raygun dashboard. While creating a new application, you have the option to select Crash Reporting or Pulse. Which ever one you choose first, the other can be unlocked at any time after your app has been created.
  • Unlock Pulse in an existing app. If you already have a Raygun application set up for your mobile app that is currently only collecting Crash Reporting data, then you can unlock Pulse for this app. Click Pulse in the side menu where you'll be presented with the option to unlock Pulse.

Platform selection

Regardless of how you enable Pulse, you'll soon come across a page where you need to select the platform that your application is written in.

Make sure you pick one of the mobile platforms which will cause Raygun to use the Pulse for mobile dashboard for this Raygun application. After selecting a platform, you'll be presented with the instructions of how to enable Raygun Pulse in your mobile application. Slightly more detailed instructions can be found using the links below. Use the 'Feedback' link in the Raygun side menu if you have any questions.

Note that the Raygun Pulse product gets you both web and mobile support in a single price. Each of your applications in Raygun however can only accept data from one or the other.

Setup instructions

Pulse for mobile supports the following platforms. Select one of them to view the setup instructions.

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