Raygun4Drupal - Drupal Error Reporting

Raygun for Drupal is available from: https://www.drupal.org/project/raygun

Raygun for Drupal offers easy codeless setup of error and crash reporting for your Drupal application.


This module requires:

  • PHP 5.3+
  • You have downloaded the raygun4php library (found at https://github.com/MindscapeHQ/raygun4php) to your `sites/all/libraries` directory under a sub folder `raygun`.

The libraries directory should look like:

-- raygun
---- RaygunClient.php
---- RaygunEnvironmentMessage.php

The easiest way to do this is to navigate to the sites/all/libraries folder (creating it if doesn't already exist) and running the following commands:

mkdir raygun

git clone https://github.com/mindscapehq/raygun4php.git

mv -f raygun4php/src/Raygun4php/* raygun/

And optionally (to clean the directory):

rm -rf raygun4php

Installing the Module

Logging into the admin panel of Drupal and access the Modules page, click Install new module

Paste the download link of the module, this should look like this: http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/raygun-7.x-1.1.tar.gz

Enable the Module on the Modules page.

Follow the Configure link and paste your API key into the API key section, you can configure some other options here as well.

After saving the configuration Raygun should be live and will collect any errors which occur on your Drupal site.


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