Adobe Air

RaygunAS - Adobe Air

Get Adobe Air error and crash reporting with Raygun. Adobe Air is supported using the third party provider RaygunAS.

RaygunAS is hosted on Github here:

Building the Client

Clone the repository and build the .swc file..

Copy the .swc file to wherever you have your libs and all is set.


Then go to your app and put the following lines in the main Sprite class, after some initial setup is complete, but before the main drawing begins:

_raygunAs = new RaygunAS(this,RAYGUN_API_KEY, APP_VERSION);
_raygunAs.addEventListener(RaygunAS.READY_TO_ZAP, onRaygunReady);

private function onRaygunReady( event:Event ):void
    //do logic here

Initialize your main method in the onRaygunReady callback, this will allow RaygunAS to capture an error at any point in the stack.

That's that for the setup, and now if you create an Error RaygunAS will be triggered and send the Error report to your app's dashboard.

Additionally you can attach a RaygunAs.RAYGUN_COMPLETE listener to your RaygunAS instance in order to catch those error. It handles UncaughtErrorEvent.UNCAUGHT_ERROR events.

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