Documentation - Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to notify external systems that Raygun doesn't currently support when errors or crashes occur.

When a particular error or crash occurs, we will post a JSON payload to the URL you specify. This is configured on a per-app basis, so you can set different URLs to be sent webhook notifications for each application.

To do this, open an application in Raygun and go to Integrations from the left-hand side menu. On the Integrations page, click the Webhook button.

From that page, you can specify the endpoint the webhook will be delivered to, and enable/disable it.

Available events

When an error occurs

Every time an error notification arrives from your app, this webhook will be fired. The body of the POST is JSON, and the follow is an example payload:

  "error": {
  "application": {
    "name":"application name",

Event types

  • NewErrorOccurred
  • ErrorReoccurred
  • OneMinuteFollowUp
  • FiveMinuteFollowUp
  • TenMinuteFollowUp
  • ThirtyMinuteFollowUp
  • HourlyFollowUp

If you'd like to see a particular webhook for an event added, contact us or add a feature request from within Raygun.

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