Deployments to Raygun from Rake

Registering Deployments with Rake

Step 1

Generate an External Auth Token for your build server to use from your Raygun User Settings page

Step 2

Install the rake-raygun-deployment gem

gem install rake-raygun-deployment

Or if you are using Bundler

echo "gem 'rake-raygun-deployment'" >> Gemfile
bundle install

Step 3

Add the following to your Rakefile

require 'rake-raygun-deployment'

Rake::RaygunDeployment.new(:raygun_deployment) do
    releasePath "RELEASE"

Step 4

When you are ready to deploy, create a release file in RELEASE (or whatever release path you have chosen) with the following format:

ownerName: Jamie Penney
emailAddress: jamie@example.com
notes: |
    # Testing out the rake plugin

    * More markdown formatting

    ### Jamie


Run rake raygun_deployment to register your deployment with Raygun!

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