Issue notification to VictorOps with Raygun APM

Configure APM rules to trigger VictorOps notifications

Step 1Enable the VictorOps integration for Raygun APM, see below.

Step 2: Enable the VictorOps integration on an APM rule by navigating to APM > Rules and either creating a new rule or editing an existing rule. Read more about rules here.

Step 3: Enable the VictorOps integration on the APM Rule by checking the VictorOps box and saving the rule.

Raygun APM rule with the VictorOps Integration

Done: Now when an issue is triggered from this rule, a VictorOps incident will be created and your incident team will be notified by VictorOps.

Configure VictorOps integration

Step 1: Go to your VictorOps account. Select Settings.

Step 2: Click Alert Behavior > Integrations.

VictorOps setting screen

Step 3: Click REST (And make sure that it is enabled)

VictorOps integrations screen

Step 4: Copy or note down the URL to notify. You'll need this for the next step.

VictorOps REST configuration screen

Step 5: Go to the VictorOps integration from the Integrations menu in the Raygun side bar.

VictorOps Integration on Raygun

Step 6: Paste in your VictorOps URL to notify and remove the `/$routing_key` from the end. Add in a APM Routing key and mark the integration as enabled. Click the Save Changes button.

VictorOps Integration Settings on Raygun

Done: Your VictorOps integration is now configured and ready to use. At this point you can test the integration by clicking the blue Test button. Note this will trigger a VictorOps incident so make sure the person on call is expecting an alert!

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