Issue tracking and link to source with Raygun APM

We'll cover the two integration types available with GitHub on this page, which includes using GitHub for:

Link to source setup instructions

Step 1: Go to a Trace in APM

Navigate to APM > Traces and click on a trace of a method in your application.

Enable GitHub in trace

Step 2: Click the Enable GitHub button and you will be taken to the Plugins & Integrations screen, click GitHub.

GitHub in Integrations page

Step 3: Go to the Setup tab and click either the GitHub or GitHub Enterprise button (depending on which you use).

GitHub integration setup pending

Step 4: Authorize Raygun to access your GitHub account

GitHub OAuth screen

Step 5: Once the application is authorized, select the repository you would like to connect to this application from the Repository dropdown and click the Enabled checkbox

GitHub integration authorized.

Step 6: To check that the GitHub integration is successful, go back to APM > Traces and click on a trace.

Click on a method in the flame chart, and you'll be able to see the corresponding code snippet from your repository

Flame chart with code snippet


Problem: A grey box with “We couldn't find a matching method” is showing.

Error integrating

Steps to debug:

  1. Click the Try again button, this will attempt to reload your GitHub data for this particular method from the server.
  2. Click Check your GitHub settings and check that GitHub is configured correctly, that you have the correct repository selected and that the Enabled checkbox is checked.
  3. Check that the method exists inside your repository and is not third-party code.
  4. If everything is set up correctly and you are still seeing this message, contact Raygun for assistance.

Issue tracking setup instructions

Create a new issue

Step 1: Go to an issue in APM > Issues

Issue overview

Step 2: Click the Integration button and select GitHub

Integration dropdown menu

Step 3: Click the Create button

Create button highlight

Step 4: Enter the name of the issue in the text field and click Create issue

Create new issue field


Add to an existing issue

Step 1: Go to an issue in APM > Issues

Issue overview

Step 2: Click the Integration button and select GitHub

Integration dropdown menu

Step 3: Click the Link button

GitHub Link button highlight

Step 4: Clicking the Find Github issue button will cause the dropdown list to be populated with all available GitHub issues

Link with issue initial state

Step 5: Select the issue to link to from the dropdown menu, then click Link issue

Link with issue dropdown populated

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