Learn how WriteUpp achieves 100% availability in 30 countries

WriteUpp is a UK-based cloud-based clinic management software created for small to mid-sized healthcare providers. Over recent years, WriteUpp has grown rapidly and now supports over  9000 clinicians in 30 countries - and they have no intention of slowing down. 

WriteUpp’s journey with Raygun has evolved over the last 7 years, becoming an integral part of their infrastructure and business.

They originally started using Raygun after a move to Microsoft Azure, as they sought to maximise uptime and availability across multiple timezones.

The challenges they faced in these early days were that customers weren’t reporting problems, and if they did, the lack of technical detail left the development team blind to errors and “working on the assumption that something wasn’t quite right.”

They needed something to help identify errors in real-time so they could proactively solve problems, rather than reactively responding to support requests. Product Architect, Rich Kimber discovered Raygun as a solution, and immediately got visibility into issues that they needed.

Headshot of Bob Bond CEO of WriteUpp
We dipped our toe in the water with Raygun and realized just how beneficial it was. It’s fair to say that now, we couldn’t do without it.
Bob Bond - CEO

“People-led and jargon-free support” is at the core of WriteUpp’s success

Bob wants their excellent support reputation leading their brand. He says, “Support is a big factor for people considering a cloud-based practice management software.” He adds, however, the challenge remains that “Very few of our customers are IT savvy. They are busy clinicians and don’t always want to describe the problem which sometimes means they get frustrated when we don’t immediately understand what their issue is. We wanted to remove this frustration and Raygun took centre-stage  ”

The results have been impressive with 80% of reviewers on Google and Facebook commenting specifically on the quality of WriteUpp’s support.

So, how do they do this, with just a team of five?

Collection of images showing WriteUpp on different devices

Richard now has all the intelligence he needs to gauge the success of a deployment

They use Raygun to keep a close eye on recent versions and feature deployments. They are also  looking for problems that may affect the application's functionality, just in case they need to roll back a release.

Rich says, “Raygun is our first port of call after a release. Before, we had limited visibility into what was going on when deploying new updates. Now, we’re always looking for an error spike, asking what we might have missed.”

Unique and outdated customer environments are no longer a challenge when replicating errors

The healthcare industry often uses outdated technology, browsers, and software which can cause unique environments when replicating errors.

Luckily, Raygun catches all the diagnostic details of errors, including the environment in which they occurred. Even if their customer has encountered an error on an outdated browser after a unique set of actions, the team can fix it quickly with minimum fuss.

The different ways people use the software always makes me chuckle. We all have different ways to navigate to setting pages. Typically, the bugs we find are because they are using our system in a way we didn’t anticipate

WriteUpp’s customers work around the clock, and if the system goes down, customers can’t access vital patient information needed to do business as usual.

Raygun is part of a suite of tools that WriteUpp use to deliver weekly updates, without impacting user experience.

Our utilization of Raygun is now endemic within the business. It's just part of the way we do stuff.

Raygun is helping WriteUpp understand how website performance affects their customers

A few years ago, WriteUpp implemented  Raygun’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) to their software, and it’s integral to their customer support. Rich says “I’m hooked on the advantages of knowing about user-specific instances. We use RUM to get context around what’s going on with the user.”

The team is able to track performance metrics and attribute them directly to errors.They can see exactly who experienced errors and the actions that led them to the error with the Session Trace feature.

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