Wire offers superior user experiences with Raygun

Wire for Web is a communication tool, where text, talk, pictures, YouTube video, Spotify and SoundCloud music are woven together into beautiful conversations.

Benny Neugebauer is the team lead of Wire’s web development department and is responsible for their web's performance.

Raygun gives us ongoing reports of all errors occurring in our software, regardless of whether they affect you or your users”, Benny explains.

“One of the best features for us is that Raygun can track legible error traces from minified JavaScript files. This feature makes troubleshooting a lot easier, and has simplified my life as a web developer.”

“We have a very good test infrastructure at Wire. However, it's impossible to have every platform in our test matrix. Raygun helped us to identify problems on systems which were not part of our test setup. This actually allowed us to fix an error that occurred multiple times a day, and without Raygun, we still would not have even known about this error today.”

“I can highly recommend Raygun to every software development team out there as it not only helps you improve your software, but also makes you a better developer.”

“Integrating Raygun is frictionless and takes as long as a coffee break. And after you are done with the setup you will immediately see why Raygun is worth every penny. Error tracking with Raygun is simply reliable and comes with a colorful and powerful dashboard that is a pleasure to use.”

“As team lead, it is my job to choose tools that are user friendly to me and my team. Raygun supports multi-user accounts and provides the ability to set up individual accounts for separately monitored applications.”

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