Touchtech maintains product innovation and reduced errors by 30% with Raygun

Alex Li is Senior Developer at Touchtech, a digital solution provider specialising in both mobile and cloud applications that develops bespoke solutions tailored to enterprise customer’s requirements.

They also help startups bootstrap their ideas by building MVPs and validating their market across their 23-strong team.

Alex describes Raygun as “an awesome error tracking software solution that helps make a developer’s life easier. It works with most of the modern development stack and allows you to track all the errors from different platforms in one place.”

“The crash reporting feature in Raygun and the ability to integrate Raygun with third party applications e.g Trello helps to improve our development workflow.”

“The affected users feature in Raygun is also very handy, It helps us to track down the affected users using his or her device information. It allows us to jump to the troubleshooting faster without going back and forth with clients to gather required device info.”

“Raygun has helped us reduce the amount of errors in our applications by roughly 30%. We have an internal QA phase in our development life cycle, but there are always edge cases in production apps. With Raygun error reports, you can see the impact of each bug straight away along with the number of occurrences. It helps us prioritize bug fixes and plan our resourcing better. Once a bug has been solved by a patch or bug fixes, Raygun enables us to mark the particular bug solved in a particular release, so we trace each bug-fix release easily.”

“Raygun is easy to install and the interface is very user-friendly. It helps to aggregate the same types of errors and developers can easily see the impact of each bug. It also integrates with Trello and GitHub issues, making the workflow nice and efficient.”

“As a software developer, it’s imperative to be able to provide rock-solid software solutions. We have tried so many error tracking tools before e.g. Airbrake, Rollbar, Bugsense. etc. Raygun is the best among them all. It provides value for us to ensure our software quality and satisfy our customers.”

“Being able to attach custom data to an error is a godsend – one of our products called SmartTax does a lot of background job processing and being able to attach that extra identifying information about the job makes tracking down problems that much easier.”

“Originally, errors in these jobs were being obfuscated by the job queue library and buried under a pile of log files sitting on the server - debugging was a nightmare. We built a small plugin for the job queue library which began routing all errors to Raygun. We were also able to attach information about the job as custom meta data, which further enabled us to link the errors with particular jobs, and track down any problematic data structures.”

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