SynapsePay maintains reliability for their 1.8M+ users

Karen Paul is a Risk Officer at SynapsePay, a company that offers a white-labeled API that helps companies connect to banks for things like payments, compliance and risk mitigation. Customers range from rental sites and invoicing apps to crowdfunding platforms and currency exchanges — all of which rely on SynapsePay to screen transactions and send payment instructions to banks for payment processing.

“Raygun is an awesome tool to track and resolve errors as they occur in real time," says Karen. "Raygun lets us comment on transaction errors as they occur. It’s a pretty handy feature that helps our team share information and resolve issues more effectively.”

“Any time our system flags a user for risk or compliance purposes, we get an error that is picked up by Raygun. Without an easy interface to track & resolve these errors, the process would take a lot longer.”

“Raygun is a very affordable service, and for a team that is growing quickly, it’s a simple solution that we don’t have to spend our time and resources building out. It has an intuitive interface and streamlined tracking for error resolution, so we would definitely recommend it to others.”

“Companies count on us for their payment needs, and for many, their entire business models revolve around our service. Because of this, it’s important that we address issues quickly as they occur. When our system flags a transaction for suspicious activity, fraudulent behavior or compliance purposes, for instance, Raygun alerts our team so we can investigate the issue and un-queue the transaction if needed. If a transaction requires further review, Raygun lets us make internal comments and postpone the issue until a later time.”

“Anytime a transaction is flagged, Raygun is there to notify us of the issue. It makes my job a lot easier because I can easily sort through queued transactions and communicate with my team on transactions that need further review.”

“I definitely encourage you to implement Raygun into your own software products.”

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