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Staff Squared gets real-time insight to help growing businesses save time

Steve Day is the Project Manager and Development Lead in a team of 10 at Staff Squared. Staff Squared is an easy to use online HR management portal that makes it easy to manage onboarding, employee data and files, and time off for small and medium size businesses.

Staff Squared started out as an internal system to help their parent company, Atlas, with the day to day management of its staff members. After realizing that other businesses could be helped from the benefits it provides, it was released to the public in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Raygun is an error log with a difference”, says Steve. “Raygun offers a wide range of functionality that helps managing and keeping on top of errors in your system a breeze. With a detailed stack traces, all of the extra information you’d need to get to the root of an issue quickly and a host of integrations available, it will seamlessly fit into your everyday routine and you’ll soon wonder how you ever went without it!”

“Unlike other products, Raygun allows us to track a bug right from its first occurrence through to the time it’s resolved. With simple features such as the ability to add comments and statuses we are able to quickly see if a bug has already been processed and how soon it’s going to be resolved. Using the Trello integration we are then able to easily create a card which will be picked up by the development team for fixing.”

“In our previous bug tracker there were none of the issue processing tools available in Raygun so our error log soon became one long list without any indication of a certain error’s progress. “

“We’re processing and resolving errors at a much quicker rate than we were previously, so bugs are eliminated from the system much quicker than before. We’re fortunate not to have too many bugs, but when they do appear it’s good to know that Raygun is there to help us get them resolved as soon as possible.”

“Raygun has massively increased both the speed in which we identify new issues and the time it takes to get them resolved in our production environment. After using other crash reporting tools I can safely say Raygun is the most proficient in both features and ease of use.”

“From a Project Management perspective, the fact that Raygun automatically groups multiple instances of the same error into one record saves me countless hours processing duplicate entries. Add to this the fact that we can remove bugs from the list once they have been resolved, the error log is now a significantly less scary place.”

“While fixing an issue, Raygun provides all the information I could need to quickly locate the root cause. After the issue is resolved, the ability to leave comments although simple, is an immense help which allows other teams members to see what was previously attempted in order to fix the issue if it reoccurs.”

“Previously we had multiple people working to maintain our crash reporting but after switching to Raygun we’ve managed to keep this at one person, this is a massive cost saving for us. We used to spend countless time having to sort through the error log containing both new and resolved issues but now we’re down to a matter of minutes to identify new errors and add them to the development list to be fixed. Add this time up over the number of months we’ve been using Raygun and we have saved days worth of time, and get to focus on other areas of the product.”

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