Schneider Electric

Gains visibility into errors with automated error tracking

Daniel Hoenig is a Software Architect at Schneider Electric. The team of 25 is in the Refined Fuels industry and manage the flow of fuel in the US and Europe, using Raygun Crash Reporting to manages issues in their application and ensure errors are minimized from being encountered by users.

“Raygun takes the unknown and makes it known,” Daniel explains. “Without Raygun, we had no clear window into what errors our applications were throwing. We only knew by digging through logs when we got the time, or by our customers letting us know something was wrong.”

“The best feature of Raygun would have to be the amount of information it captures when an error occurs. In addition to that, it allows for custom information to be stored. This has helped us pinpoint areas of the code that need to be fixed much more quickly.”

“Raygun has helped expose more bugs, most of which we would not have seen until our software went into production and our users encountered them. Doing so has reduced the production bug count and given us peace of mind that our applications are working effectively.”

“I would certainly recommend Raygun, it is simple to implement into your code and it just works. There’s very little setup and configuration that needs to happen before you start seeing its value.”

"The products Raygun provides helps me by adding more confidence into our codebase. We have unit and integration tests that help a lot with code quality and Raygun is there to validate and increase that confidence.”

“I definitely encourage you to implement Raygun into your own software products.”

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