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Our churn due to technical issues has effectively dropped to zero

Sami Asikainen is the founder of Radium CRM, a team of five. Radium CRM offers simplicity with flexibility. It is a more intelligent way to handle your relationships, grabbing the data automatically from your connected Google Apps account, reducing data entry and adding missing data on top of that to your contacts. Radium then applies data science to help you with setting priorities and focuses your attention on the contacts that need it most.

Sami tells us, “Raygun is a unified way of handling your whole stack’s error reporting. It works in minutes. The number of libraries/languages supported is phenomenal. Raygun makes errors actionable by occurrence showing how many users are affected.”

“Raygun is very easy to set up and errors are easy see and follow, we found it easy to configure for Ruby and JavaScript. We love the cumulative error counts by email, they provide a good reminder to dive in on what is most important. Since using Raygun we now have far fewer bugs getting lost into the abyss.”

“We’ve gone from hundreds of occurrences of errors, to a very quiet one or two a week. Raygun also gives us confidence on a new deployment. Since Radium CRM is single page app written in Ember.js; front end errors are especially opaque without a tool like Raygun. We’ve tried many solutions, but none gave us the coverage and ease of use Raygun has. Raygun just works.”

“I would absolutely recommend using Raygun within any development team. Instead of a stack of error reporting tools, you can just use Raygun. It’s also the easiest get up and running. For me specifically in my role, Raygun helps me sleep at night knowing that errors users run into are captured. We have everything we need to keep improving the product’s stability.”

“Being the founder I don’t often have time to log into different tools and the email notifications helps me bring up issues during team meetings. I can also see the severity and number of users affected by the error to get it escalated quickly.”

“Since we started using Raygun, our customer satisfaction and preventing customer loss due to errors has dramatically improved. Errors used to get lost unless a customer reported them. Our churn due to technical issues has effectively dropped to zero.”

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