Parent Interviews

Gives parents and teachers excellent user experiences

"Raygun provides us with the tools to hunt down the problem and fix it in a timely manner."

Indy Griffiths, the Co-Founder and CEO of Parent Interviews, has been using Raygun for three years with great success, “When something goes wrong, Raygun instantly lets us know and helps us diagnose the problem. With our target market, reliability is a key factor in ensuring a great product.”

"Raygun has been with Parent Interviews from the start and we have our sights set on the global market, expanding to Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States in the coming months.”

“One of my favourite features of Raygun is Affected Users, which lets us see exactly who is hitting any errors and allows us to immediately get in touch with them. We’ve found that our users are always surprised when they get an email from us shortly after the error occurred.”

Raygun helps resolve most, if not all, of the errors our team experience within our app. Raygun’s easy integration was also a huge bonus for us. Parent Interviews is split into several different components, and integrating Raygun into each one was a piece of cake thanks to the wide range of support for different languages.”

“Before Raygun I would usually receive an email containing just an unformatted stack trace of the error, or depending on the project I would use ELMAH, and since switching to Raygun there’s no way I’d go back. Ever.”

“Keeping our users happy and the experience of Parent Interviews a good one is an important goal of mine. Our users are primarily school teachers and parents, and with Raygun I’m able to be instantly notified of any issues that arise instead of waiting for a teacher or parent to report the bug. The quick turnaround from a bug being reported to a fix tested and deployed is something we couldn’t do without Raygun.”

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