Ovation builds mission-critical apps for scientists

Barry Wark is the CEO and co-founder of Ovation, who provide tools to capture and organize data and provide a complete picture of experiments and analyses so scientists can share and communicate their work more easily.

Raygun lets our entire team respond to our users’ needs", Barry explains. "Our application is mission-critical for our users - if a scientist can’t get to their data, they can’t do their work. So fixing errors is crucial to helping our users do their job. With Raygun, we’re confident we can detect and fix those errors quickly.”

“Raygun allows you to see who’s been affected by errors so that you can reach out to them and inform them of fixes. The best feature of Raygun so far is the ability to track which users are affected by an error. In many cases, we know that a user is experiencing a problem with our application before they even notice it. If the user contacts us, we’re already working to help solve the issue. If not, we can notify them when a fix is available. This proactive support stance helps us make our users’ lives happier.”

“Raygun helps us identify, triage, diagnose and fix errors more quickly. We deploy our apps multiple times per day. Raygun lets us go fast with the knowledge that we can detect - and resolve - any errors that come up. This lets our engineering team focus on building great applications that meet our users’ needs.”

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