Mobi2Go maintains platform stability

Mobi2Go is an integrated online and mobile ordering platform made for hospitality.

It helps to increase revenue, reduce in-store wait times, encourage customer loyalty, and improve the overall customer ordering experience. Christopher Tombleson, develops and maintains the point of sale and payment gateway integrations for Mobi2Go.

“Raygun helps us to keep track of the health of our application and identify bugs in a quick and efficient way which lets us spend our time fixing bugs rather than tracking them down”, explains Chris.

Error and crash reporting with Raygun is something we use everyday to make sure Mobi2Go is running as expected and that there are no bugs popping up. The way it keeps track of errors over time is awesome because it allows me to track back all the way to the first occurrence of the error and tells me how many times the error has occurred. The tracking of errors over time is an important thing, as it will help find the root cause of the issue.”

“Receiving notifications when new errors occur has helped reduce our response time to investigate an error and receiving the stack trace in the email notification make the process so much easier. Raygun has allowed us to reduce our response times to errors by 75%, which allows us to provide a more stable product to our customers.”

“We had a bug a while ago where one of the processes was timing out. Raygun brought this to our attention and the bug was fixed and deployed quickly. If we hadn’t received a notification that the error was occurring it could have taken awhile for it to come to our attention.”

“Raygun is an invaluable tool for developers who want to know when things go wrong, as soon as they go wrong. It also helps you maintain the stability of your application by giving you as much information about an error as possible.”

“If there is a bug, it’s looked into straight away and resolved as quickly as possible. Raygun allows us to stay on top of bugs as soon as they happen, rather than three weeks later when someone complains that something isn’t working. The notifications that Raygun sends out whether that is via Slack or email give me an instant warning that something is not working as expected.”

“Raygun provides the functionality we need to maintain our product."

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