Prioritizing the most important errors

Raygun is like an email inbox for errors in your software, MinuteDock CEO Jared Armstrong explains. It notifies you when errors occur, with all the details and meta-data associated with the error. Basically, all the information you need to deal with it and sort out the issue for the customer(s).“

“Error grouping and ability to mark errors as resolved allows us to keep an “inbox zero” like approach to our errors. I’m a big fan of inbox zero for email, and following that same philosophy for software errors just makes sense - things don’t get forgotten, and the most important errors are usually the most recent at the top of the list. The Raygun dashboard is perfect for this.“

“One of the great benefits has been the general approach to dealing with errors. We now actually get through dealing with errors to solve them permanently. The grouping system avoids “error overload”, by combining all errors into their relevant context so we can deal with them together. If an error re-occurs, Raygun lets us know and we have all the information there to sort it out.“

“For example, there was one error that used to happen as a result of flakey 3rd party APIs, but it interrupted the user’s experience and we had to re-initiate the process to solve it for them. It only happened once every few days or so, but with Raygun we could see that over time there were enough instances of that error that we wanted to eradicate it. So, we built a workflow into the application that allowed the user to re-initiate the process from their end rather than relying on us. As a result, we don’t see that error at all anymore, and the customer is getting a much better user experience.“

“Raygun is a great product and always improving. It’s a pleasure to use, and has really helped us out with our error management process. It’s super easy to integrate, and supports pretty much any development environment you’d want to use.“

“As CEO I also handle the technical side of the product, so I deal with Raygun on a daily basis, keeping on top of any errors or bugs that show up. It’s great to have visibility into what kinds of issues and errors were encountered by our customers, and having the visibility there to know I have all the information I need to solve them.“

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