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Linbis Logistics Software remain industry leaders with Raygun

Based in Miami, Florida, Linbis Logistics Software provides services to freight forwarding and 3PL companies with a complete suite of applications for the logistics and supply chain management industry. Unlike other logistics management software, Linbis is an entirely cloud-based platform for modern logistics teams, that is leading the industry into digitization by providing real-time visibility to all parties along the supply chain.

Linbis is built on a flexible architecture that allows for a high level of customization, so it can meet its customer’s specific requirements. There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage—customers just log in and get to work.

Keeping the high level of customization and data flowing is at the core of providing a high-quality customer experience—a top priority for the company. Any downtime, performance problems, or errors will limit productivity and profitability for both Linbis and their valued customers.

Eric Fernandez, CEO, and Co-Founder of Linbis Logistics says, “Our priority is always the customer's success. We deliver a unique customer experience through our process-oriented system, which turns complexity into simplicity.”

For the complex to turn simple in this way, Eric knows he must provide an excellent software experience that is free from crashes and slow loading pages. The challenge was to be aware of issues happening in production environments, so the development team could work out solutions in a short time.

Headshot of Eric Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Linbis Logistics Software
We want to be proactive and be aware of any issues happening in our production environments, so we can work out solutions before the issues become real problems for our customers.
Eric Fernandez - CEO, and Co-Founder

Linbis uses Raygun Crash Reporting and Slack for proactive error monitoring

To create an effective method of detecting errors in production, Eric looked to Raygun's crash reporting tool. One of the first steps Eric’s team took was to set up production alerts so that the development team is made aware of any issues in real-time.

Using Raygun’s Slack integration, Linbis ensures error alerts arrive in a dedicated Slack channel, meaning developers don’t need to visit their inbox to check for individual issues. Errors can be assigned, ignored, or resolved straight from Slack meaning less bouncing between emails and development environments.

Eric explains, “Every time a new exception happens in our production environments, the development team is notified. If it is a critical exception, we assign that exception to one of our team members, and as soon as we have a solution, we marked it as completed.”

The results of this process have enabled Linbis to detect issues before they get to customers. Eric elaborates, “Most of the time, we fix the issues before users notice them.”

Raygun and Linbis work together for better customer experiences

Live Tracking helps Eric understand who is using the app and when

Linbis uses Raygun Real User Monitoring to understand where users spend the most time in an application to optimize for better resource efficiency. Eric found that adopting Real User Monitoring was invaluable for gaining insight into where users spend the most time in the app. This gives a strong indication to Linbis about where they should steer the development direction.

Eric says, “We use Real User Monitoring's Live Tracking feature to know what the customer’s favorite areas are, and where they spend the most time.” By monitoring which area of the application his users are visiting the most, Eric can understand his customers better allowing him to make more informed business decisions like resource allocation.

Enhancing the customer experience with Raygun APM

To strengthen Linbis’ ability to discover and resolve errors quickly, Eric adopted Raygun’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool.

Eric’s team now understands which errors and performance problems to address first. Eric says, “Raygun APM provides us with a clear overview of where the development team needs to concentrate their efforts to enhance the customer experience.” Eric continues, “Tracing, along with flame charts, make it very clear where the problems are located. This saves a lot of time for everyone.”

Our priority is always the customer's success. We deliver a unique customer experience through our process-oriented system, which turns complexity into simplicity.

Leading the way for Logistics companies

Using the Raygun Platform, Linbis can reinforce their position as industry leaders by providing excellent customer experiences, in turn ensuring customer retention and word of mouth referrals. As Linbis continues to create a significant impact on the logistics software industry, Eric sees a need to continue to deliver the best quality service at the lowest possible price. With Raygun, Eric is reassured he is doing just that.

Would Eric recommend Raygun to other CEOs and technical managers?

“Absolutely. I'd tell them it is peace of mind to know what’s happening in production as far as exception tracking, application performance, and user experience. Raygun is also very good because it always encourages our development team to make the system better in every new release, which translates into a better experience for our customers.”

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