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Maintains product innovation and reduced errors by 30% with Raygun

iSocket is a technology platform built to simplify direct, reserved ad sales. Most direct buys take 40-50 steps to execute and require involvement from dozens of sales people, ad ops, and media planners. iSocket automates the majority of those steps, making it easier to get a deal done and an order executed, while eliminating opportunities for human error.

Karl Bunch, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, oversees the iSocket engineering team, which currently consists of 17 people.

Raygun is like a watchful eye, error events come in, and it nags us if they continue, providing us with tools to manage and dig into exceptions as needed”, Karl explains. “For me as a CTO, it helps me feel a bit more comfortable that my team is taking software quality and fault management seriously.”

“The daily summary has been very useful to me, as I can take a glance at it and see if things seem to be off the rails. If I’m concerned I can dig in and see a good overview of what’s going on around the various events, how they’re progressing and who is working on them.”

“As a manager I would recommend Raygun because it creates a single point of transparency around faults in our systems, how we’re managing those and working to reduce them.“

It gives me a place I can quickly look at between meetings or when I start my day to see what’s going on. Meanwhile when an error continues I get alerts and can ask others if we’re addressing it. It’s like having a full time team member on staff poring over our exceptions and telling me when I should pay attention.

“We have resolved over 500 errors across all of our applications in under nine months thanks to Raygun."

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