Intechnica saves 6 to 9 hours every week with detailed error diagnostics

Daniel Conde is a Product Developer at Intechnica. Intechnica is a development company that builds cloud based products as well as bespoke development projects. They also specialise in performance-related analysis and consultancy in areas such as performance testing, APM, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

“I work on the Product Development team which is made of 10 people across design, development, test and DevOps”, Daniel explains. “We are currently maintaining and developing new features for Traffic Defender, a SaaS based Web Traffic Management System focused on allowing websites to cope with large volumes of traffic by using Traffic Defender’s intelligent and fair queueing."

“Raygun is a simple solution to diagnose and keep track of any errors in your app, whether in staging, production or any environment. It is really simple to configure and use, where with a couple of lines to set up you are good to go! It provides User and Deployment tracking features, which brings a whole new level of insight data for better diagnostic and resolution of errors, resulting in better quality for your app.”

"Apart from the core functionality of Raygun, the Customers feature is extremely useful. It is very valuable. The fact that you can know which customers are experiencing issues while using your application, allowing you to provide better and more detailed answers to customer support queries, or even act in advance in the resolution of the issue.”

“I would say Raygun has helped with 50% of the errors we’ve seen in our app. We use JavaScript quite a lot in our application, and Raygun has helped to spot typos, errors which are common to JS.”

“I would definitely recommend Raygun. If you are looking for an on-budget solution to handle error diagnostics in your application and you don’t want to do this yourself (like using ELMAH) then Raygun is a good option. Raygun is also a good fit for distributed systems, where there are multiple components which represent different source of error. Another great benefit is that it supports a fair amount of languages and platforms.”

“As a software developer, it is my job not just to work on new features, but also to maintain and fix issues within our application. Sometimes I would spend 80% of time working on a bug, just on finding where exactly it occurred. I currently use Raygun’s detailed view of the errors, with stack trace, HTTP details of the request when the error happened etc. to go directly to the source of the issue. This saves a lot of my time when working on bugs.”

“We started using Raygun only about just two months ago, and it has been very useful so far. In terms of hours saved, it is hard to give an accurate measure, but I believe Raygun could save us between 6 to 9 hours per week for our current team when tracking down issue causes, considering the developers and the tester actively use it. I expect this number to increase though, as we add Raygun to other components of our application.”

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