Infiniforms improves software quality for end-users

Infiniforms helps you to design and create online forms that can be shared by email and social media, or embedded into your own website or blog, notifying you of any form submissions.

Securely handling all data validation, collection and storage for you. You can use Infiniforms to create a form and embed it into your own website in under 2 minutes.

Karl Gjertsen is the company’s creator and lead developer, and describes Raygun as “an essential tool that notifies you of errors before your users even know there is a problem.” Karl goes on to say that, “Raygun gives you comprehensive details on what went wrong, why it went wrong and where the problem is. Instant emails and daily digests of activity allow you to keep track of any errors your application has and more importantly, helps you fix them quickly.”

“The intelligent grouping of an error shows how many times it has occurred and how many users have been impacted. This saves notification clutter, where you are overloaded with error reports. Raygun saves you from this and also saves you so much time!”

“We used Raygun right from the outset and we are so pleased that we did. Raygun has notified us of all of the errors that the website has had, providing details of why the error has occurred and where the problem was. This allows us to quickly find and fix errors, improve the quality of our software and keep the end users happy and engaged with our product.”

“If you are developing software, you need Raygun. No matter how well you design and write your code, your application is going to have errors. These might not be your fault, they could be down to configuration, browser or environmental issues, but you will have errors. Raygun helps you get to the bottom of what's wrong quickly.”

“To have comprehensive details on the error and the client environment saves hours of work looking into what caused the issue. There is also the peace of mind, knowing that if any error happens, we are protected and will know about it straight away.”

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