Taking a more proactive approach to issues in production environments

Ross Hawkins is the Owner (and a Consultant/Developer) of Ignition Development Limited. The company mainly provides consulting and bespoke web development services (using ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies) to large scale ecommerce shops in Europe.

"Raygun is a number of things. It’s error management done right", Ross explains. "It’s a chance to add some process to the way you handle errors within your organization, without needing to roll your own app to do so. Raygun enables you to take a more proactive approach to issues in production environments, helping you to spot them well before your customers do. It's a valuable addition to any piece of software out in the wild that can help to identify (and fix) problems quickly and easily."

"The level of detail that’s recorded against each logged error and the way it is presented in the portal provides a level of context beyond other approaches that we’ve used. It’s hard for me to give solid numbers right now, but Raygun frequently adds value at every stage of the development process."

"In one particular project, we were tasked with upgrading an old web application that was created by another development team many years ago – the site hadn’t been touched in years, contained a number of areas which we suspected were not being used, and had no documentation. Raygun saved us so much time and money during development, testing, and go-live by helping us to expose and fix a number of issues with the legacy code, as well as to identify the actual usage patterns of the site’s users (which didn’t exactly match the customer’s expectations). Without having Raygun in the mix, that project would have been a lot more frustrating for us, and more expensive for the customer."

"I can most definitely recommend for any software development team, and I have done so a number of times! There are many different ways that any company can benefit from Raygun. That versatility means that as a product it has something to offer almost every development team - regardless of the processes they may already in place, the size of the company/team, or the technology stack(s) that are used."

"Raygun helps me identify problems before the customer does, without having to keep a constant eye on a number of different logs located on different servers. It provides us with additional information to help debug intermittent issues which are hard to reproduce. It provides an insight into just how many crawlers and spambots are out there trawling the web and probing into every nook and cranny of every site. Raygun can also be valuable in spotting when other developers on the team are having issues with a particular piece of code, which can be a handy timesaver and is especially relevant for us given that all of our team are remote workers."

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