Learn how reduced errors in production by 95% with Raygun, operated by HealthCare, Inc., is a search-and-compare health insurance shopping platform that connects consumers with its network of licensed insurance brokers and insurance carriers and is a performance advertising platform for healthcare marketers. Complex information is provided in an accessible and understandable format for all their website visitors, so customers can make informed decisions about their healthcare insurance provider.

As a Software Architect, Luis Alonzo is responsible for executing the DevOps side of, including ensuring their applications are performing at their best for both customers and partners. When Luis’ Team Lead suggested an alternative to their in-house error logging system to enable faster and more reliable error monitoring tool, Raygun was the platform of choice.

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Without Raygun to tell us about our errors, we wouldn't have been able to know what was happening - and that let us reduce our errors by almost 95%
Luis Alonzo - Software Architect

Support for all major languages and lack of an agent made Raygun quick and easy to implement into’s back-end services

Any technology implements must have support for every major language and have a fast implementation process.

Implementing Raygun into’s back-end services across multiple languages was quick and painless. Luis explains “The integration process was easy. We even integrated Raygun with some data and BI processes. We use Raygun with applications developed in C#, Python, PHP, and Java.”

Raygun provides a fast setup process because there is no agent to install - just a few short lines of code. No agent means no hidden hardware costs and no impact on the end user's experience. A fast CDN is used to deliver scripts, (and executed in a non-blocking manner, and asynchronously), which makes data processing extremely fast for all our customers.

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Integrations with Slack, Jira Software and GitHub helps to automate the error resolution process

Some error monitoring solutions flood inboxes with error notifications, making them impossible to triage and assign to the right person. To avoid this, Raygun builds sophisticated integrations with ChatOps software Slack and allows customizable email notifications. Luis finds this one of the most useful features of Raygun Crash Reporting:

The Slack integration makes assigning and resolving fixes more efficient for Luis’ team. When Raygun detects errors, you can assign, ignore or resolve them on a case by case basis with just one click inside Slack.  

Raygun Crash Reporting also has a two-way sync feature which allows software errors to be assigned or ignored inside their Jira Software.

We were looking to get notified by email and Slack when errors happened. The Slack integration helps us to have an almost real-time experience of error reporting, and gives the ability to communicate ongoing errors with the right people.

Complete visibility into software errors helps build a more reliable platform for partners and end users

One of the main benefits Luis cites is visibility into software errors affecting end users. Knowing when, where and how an error occurred helps make the resolution process much faster and easier than when they were using an in-house error logging system.

“We started seeing errors we were unaware of. The possibility of seeing an error happening almost in real time helps us to provide a better experience to our users and a more reliable platform for our partners.”

Automated error monitoring for all's products and services

Raygun is dedicated to helping in their future goals of automating the error resolution process using integrations and our growing feature collection. Luis aims to integrate Raygun with all’s products and internal services. He elaborates on this by explaining “plans to use the deployment tracking feature to see how each deployment behaves and measure the amount of errors we introduce and fix with each release.”

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