Cloud9 use Raygun to ship with confidence and fix errors fast

Building on 3 years of cloud IDE development experience and feedback from users that spent 3.8 million hours on the platform, Cloud9 is on a mission to unlock the benefits of writing software in the cloud.

The company has implemented Raygun to detect and diagnose errors in their applications to not only decrease production time, but also reduce associated costs to deliver software of superior quality to half a million registered users. Fabian Jakobs is Cloud9's Lead Developer and explains how Raygun has helped Cloud9 ship code with confidence.

“Having our own development team stay focused on writing great code was key to choosing Raygun to discover and resolve bugs faster after we heard about Raygun on the Hanselminutes podcast.”

"We evaluated it against other tools but ultimately decided that for us, Raygun was the best tool on the market for detecting and diagnosing errors in our applications.

“Previously, our developers would spend a lot of precious development time chasing down reported errors using our own testing solution or deciphering emails from users who, if we were lucky, might provide a stack trace - it just chewed up a surprising amount of our time trying to fix errors rather than ship new code. We also use Raygun for our Node.js backend, as uncaught exceptions in Node.js code are even more severe than in other environments since they tend to crash the server, so Raygun gives us peace of mind on that side of things.”

“Raygun gives us all the tools we need out of the box, it took minutes to integrate and start receiving errors, right down to the line of code the error occurred on. Our team can quickly fix any issues and the quality of our software has greatly improved.”

“The best thing we’ve found about Raygun is the tight integration with GitHub, making it very easy to integrate it into our workflows.”

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