Staying on top of bugs as soon as they happen, rather than waiting for end user complaints

Sailthru (previously Carnival) helps brands and consumer businesses increase app engagement and user conversions through targeted, automated messaging.

Cody Bunea is the Co-Founder and CTO of mobile marketing automation platform, Sailthru.

Cody had this to say about Sailthru's experience with Raygun; “Our team has used a lot of error trackers in the past, and by far Raygun has the best user interface and user experience of the lot. Raygun’s got your back. It reports any errors happening in your production or staging code that is affecting live users. Reports are sent back to you with full stack traces and environment information in order to help you debug your code. We also love the lightning fast search."

"Raygun is great at discovering those errors that only happen on production. There are always types of errors that are hard to do automated tests on, and this is where we find the value of Raygun. We’re proud that this doesn’t happen often at Sailthru, but it’s great to have Raygun in there as a safety net."

"We also love the user experience, the fantastic support and the fact it’s locally made here in New Zealand."

"Sailthru has a lean development team – Raygun allows us to move quickly with confidence that every feature we roll out is performing as we planned. As CTO, I’m the main liaison between our product team and customer success team in New York. Having Raygun integrated gives me confidence that our development team are across errors as they happen, minimizing the delay in resolving issues.”

"Overall, Raygun has helped Sailthru feel confident that their team can work efficiently, knowing that they’ll be notified of issues as soon as they happen and can maintain a positive experience for their users."

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