How to monitor and improve Core Web Vitals

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Jun 10, 2021
1pm PST | 4pm EST
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It’s game time. Core Web Vitals (CWV) are here, and the majority of businesses are completely underprepared. Fortunately, this provides an opportunity to get a competitive edge for you and your business, and Raygun is here to help.

In this webinar, our expert team will run you through the fundamentals of monitoring your Core Web Vitals and teach you actionable techniques to manage and improve your scores across your own website.

You will learn:

• What are Core Web Vitals and why they are important
• How to monitor and improve Core Web Vitals with Raygun
• Common CWV killers and ways to take immediate action to identify and resolve them

This will be an interactive session, so please bring your thoughts and questions for discussion.

Meet the presenters

Bianca Grizhar

Product Lead at Raygun

If something is new, tech, and high impact, then Bianca wants to be involved. Bianca loves analyzing opportunities, planning strategies, and coming up with solutions that work – so it's no surprise that she landed in product management.

As the Product Lead for Real User Monitoring, Bianca is the in-house expert on Core Web Vitals and is excited to share why these new user-centric metrics are so important.

Sumitra Manga

Engineering Team Lead at Raygun

Sumitra Manga is an accomplished Engineering Team Lead with extensive experience in software development and engineering management. Currently working at Raygun, Sumitra leads a team of software engineers and is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality products that meet customer needs.

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