How to build faster and more reliable software

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Feb 7, 2020
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Working with some of the world's leading software teams, Sam Hunt and Nick Harley are in a unique position to share industry best-practices for shipping code at ever-increasing speeds, without sacrificing reliability.

Brought to you by Raygun and Github.

Meet the presenters

Nick Harley

VP of Growth at Raygun

Nick leads the Marketing, Business Development and Customer Success teams at Raygun. He's been involved with tech businesses for over 10 years and have previously worked in product management, technical sales and other roles geared around software development.

Sam Hunt

VP APAC at Github

Sam Hunt is GitHub’s VP for APAC. Sam leads a talented local team and is responsible for overseeing regional partnerships, community engagement, customer support and sales across the region. Sam joined GitHub in 2015, bringing 18 years of local IT industry experience. He specialises in business efficiency applications with a focus on better collaboration.

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