Four powerful Alerting workflows

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Nov 24, 2021
1pm PST | 4pm EST
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Since its release last month, Alerting has quickly been ingrained into the incident response workflow at some of the most technically advanced companies in the world. We’re here to empower your team to do the same.

By joining us, you'll get access to:

• A high-level overview of Alerting and our vision for its future
• Four alert examples that can be implemented into your own workflow
• An open floor to learn from other development teams using Alerting

This will be an interactive session, so please bring your thoughts and questions for discussion.

Meet the presenters

Ollie Bannister

Software Engineer at Raygun

Ollie specializes in building stellar web pages, animations and app components at Raygun, always with the user front of mind. He loves implementing the latest technologies and workflows, deploying and monitoring code regularly with a keen eye for performance.

Zheng Li

VP of Marketing at Raygun

I'm excited about everything that has to do with our customers, whether it's creating awesome products, designing smooth user experiences, or just chatting with someone new to Raygun about the challenges they're facing.

Every day for me is all about you, our customers. Whether you're just getting started with Raygun or you've been with us for a while, I'm keen to hear how our products are working out for you. And hey, if there's a particular Raygun workflow that's made your life easier, I'd love for you to share that story with the rest of our community!

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