Writing High Performance .NET Code

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Feb 15, 2019
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Join Matt Byers & John-Daniel Trask in a session about writing high performance .NET code.

They'll be exploring a mixture of both high level "code smells" that impact performance, as well as lower-level enhancements you can make to your code to make it blazingly fast for your users.

They'll share real-world stories of how they've scaled Raygun to process more than 100 million customer requests per hour, without breaking the bank, using .NET under the hood.

Meet the presenters

John-Daniel Trask

Chief Executive Officer at Raygun

I’ve always wanted to live at the intersection of technology and business, ever since we got our first family PC when I was 9 years old. To me, discovering software development was finding a Lego set with unlimited bricks - I could build anything, as long as I could solve the problems. I spend my time at Raygun helping build the team, talking with customers and helping set the direction of the business. I love coming to work with so many passionate people who are helping our customers build truly amazing software experiences. Hearing how customers resolve issues and improved performance because of the work we do is incredibly satisfying.

Matt Byers

Software Developer

Matt primarily works within our data processing pipelines. He loves the challenge of designing and writing code that performs well and scales to meet the demands of Raygun's data volumes

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