How to easily identify and resolve front-end performance bottlenecks

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Mar 5, 2020
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Join our expert team as they share best practices when identifying bottlenecks, monitoring optimizations, and communicating the impact of their work to the wider team.

Raygun is a software monitoring platform that gives you visibility into how users are really experiencing your software.

We're on a mission to supercharge your monitoring and help you improve your own software with high-quality, relevant content for the modern software developer.

Happy coding from the team at Raygun 🚀

Meet the presenters

Nicholas Lane

Product Manager at Raygun

Nicholas is the Product Manager for Real User Monitoring at Raygun. He’s focused on building and developing products that enable companies to build stronger, faster software and deliver great user experiences.

Ben Harding

Senior Frontend Developer at Raygun

Ben is a Team Lead at Raygun who loves working on products that have the customer front of mind. Specializing in front-end development, Ben and the Team develop software solutions that have performance and usability in mind.

Sumitra Manga

Intermediate Software Engineer at Raygun

Sumitra is on the front lines of performance optimization here at Raygun. Curious by nature, Sumitra is always second-guessing assumptions and searching out front end performance gains across the Raygun application and website. She loves discovering and implementing new tools and best practices, and has a passion for consistent and beautiful code.

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