Founder & Friends: Proactive error resolution workflows

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Sep 7, 2022
1pm PST | 4pm EST | 8pm GMT
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In episode two of Founder and Friends, JD is joined by Customer Success Manager Arisha Singh, who consults with technology teams around the globe to improve the quality of their software.

In this live demo, JD and Arisha share proactive and reactive monitoring strategies that will save your team time, minimize the impact of errors, and help you achieve over 99% crash-free users. They demonstrate proven workflows that reveal the root cause of errors and crashes – including diagnostics that take you down to the exact line of code! Whether you work on a website or app, frontend or backend, this demo will provide actionable takeaways to share with your team, instantly streamlining and improving your error resolution workflow.

JD and Arisha will cover:

- Optimizing your reactive workflow: when a support ticket comes in with limited information, use Raygun to triage and prioritize high-impact errors down to the individual user and exact line of code.

- Actively monitoring your user experience and application health by implementing deployment tracking, alerting, and customer tagging to efficiently resolve errors before they can impact the customer experience.

- Implementing an ongoing strategy and workflow to maintain a healthy code base, tackle technical debt, and achieve over 99% crash-free users.

Meet the presenters

John-Daniel Trask

Chief Executive Officer at Raygun

I’ve always wanted to live at the intersection of technology and business, ever since we got our first family PC when I was 9 years old. To me, discovering software development was finding a Lego set with unlimited bricks - I could build anything, as long as I could solve the problems. I spend my time at Raygun helping build the team, talking with customers and helping set the direction of the business. I love coming to work with so many passionate people who are helping our customers build truly amazing software experiences. Hearing how customers resolve issues and improved performance because of the work we do is incredibly satisfying.

Arisha Singh

Customer Success Manager

My role at Raygun gives me the opportunity to combine two things I’m passionate about: technology and helping people. I’m incredibly lucky as a Customer Success Manager to work with a range of brilliant people, from software creators to tech executives. It’s so rewarding connecting with teams all across the globe to help them get the most out of Raygun and improve software quality for their end users.

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