Raygun is now offering unlimited data plans

September 20, 2017

Software Intelligence platform Raygun today announced they are removing usage limits for all standard plans.

Software development teams can now enjoy unlimited applications, unlimited integrations, and unlimited team members, so they never have to worry about running into usage limits with error and performance monitoring software.

Most significantly, Raygun is now offering unlimited data on selected plans - making them stand out from traditional error logging and performance monitoring alternatives who enforce hard limits.

“At Raygun, we understand building great software comes hand-in-hand with errors, crashes and performance problems - all of which can create a bad user experience if left undiagnosed and unresolved.” says Senior Product Marketer Nick Harley.

“The good news is Raygun will give you instant visibility into these issues", he continues. "But when you run into plan limitations, you can lose some visibility. We wanted everyone to have the chance to experience Raygun without any limitations. The majority of our customers are adopting our platform plans which offer both crash reporting and performance monitoring in a single platfor too, which is why we are announcing Raygun Unlimited.”

Raygun offers:

  • Full diagnostic details of every error and crash, with support for every major programming language and platform
  • End to end user session monitoring with full page and asset load timings to retrace every user's journey
  • Full data storage, we store every individual error occurence - no sampling or rollups of data
  • Data exporting for use in third-party systems for deeper analysis
  • An intuitive dashboard with TV mode to display customized application data points
  • Monthly or annual billing cycles, invoice billing, and custom agreements

About Raygun: Raygun is a Software Intelligence Platform that gives companies visibility into software problems. Errors, crashes and slow loading pages aftfecting end users are automatically detected, enabling teams to build excellent user experiences.

Raygun is used by over 40,000+ developers globally and helps customers like Coca-Cola, Domino's Pizza, Microsoft and Virgin Holidays find and detect issues in their applications.

Existing customers wishing to review their plan options can contact us here.