Raygun goes UNLIMITED!

Advanced error, crash and performance monitoring - without limits!*

The problem with building software is that no matter how hard we try, errors, crashes and performance problems can slip through into user's hands. The good news is there are tools like Raygun around to save you from users having bad software experiences. But the bigger and more sophisticated your application and team gets, the more chance you have of running into usage limits for your error and performance monitoring software.

We now offer unlimited applications, unlimited integrations and unlimited team members on all our standard plans. View current pricing plans here.

Plus on selected platform plans (Business and Enterprise) you'll also get UNLIMITED DATA. That's right, you can send as much data as you like to Raygun without having to worry. This includes error and crash data and complete end to end user session data to discover why your app is suffering due to performance problems.

Other features you can benefit from with Raygun are:

  • Full diagnostic details of every error with support for every major programming language and platform
  • Monitor end to end user sessions with full page and asset load timings to retrace every user's journey
  • We store EVERYTHING, no sampling or sneaky rollups of data
  • Export your data for use in third party systems for deeper analysis
  • Custom dashboard with TV mode to display your data however you want to
  • Monthly or annual billing cycles, invoice billing and custom agreements

Plus a whole lot more. Check out our pricing page for more details.

If you haven't tried Raygun yet, or are yet to experience the power of crash reporting and real user monitoring combined - take a free trial today! If you would like to talk further or are an existing customer looking to change your plan, get in touch.

The sky's the limit with Raygun!

* Unlimited data options only apply to Raygun platform plans, which include all Raygun products and many other benefits. Exisiting single product customers can upgrade to the Raygun platform or talk to our team to review your current plan, so we can recommend the best option for your team.