Raygun wins Duncan Cotterill Most Innovative Hi-Tech Award

August 26, 2020

NZ technology company Raygun was announced as the winner of the 2020 Duncan Cotterill Most Innovative High-Tech Software Solution Award.  

The New Zealand company headquartered in Wellington currently generates 92% of revenue from exporting products to over 100 countries. 

Best known for building software products that help companies provide better online experiences for their customers, Raygun is already the software quality and application performance tool of choice for global brands such as Keurig Dr Pepper, Domino’s Pizza, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Raygun’s Real User Monitoring solution fills a specific market need for companies needing to measure software quality and performance, while demonstrating the impact on business outcomes. With the global end-user experience monitoring (EUEM) market size growing to USD 3.7 billion by 2023, Raygun are developing innovative solutions that stay ahead of the pack, delivering more valuable metrics, creating innovative pricing, and reinforcing scalable infrastructure. 

These solutions have had a measurable impact on Raygun customers, with many experiencing a significant reduction in errors and performance challenges, often by 90% or more. With only 1% of end-users actually reporting performance problems like slow-loading pages, Raygun Real User Monitoring allows companies to proactively diagnose and fix problems before they are encountered by the end-user. 

Raygun are able to deliver these outcomes by making around 50 active improvements to Raygun each week. They deploy code several times a day and are always evolving and improving them with more features, functionality, and bug fixes. 

In selecting Raygun as the winner of the Most Innovative High-Tech Solution award, the international judges recognized the dedication, hard work, and passion that has gone into Raygun’s Real User Monitoring solution, saying:

“Raygun is a world-leading example of a company with continuous innovation in its DNA having won the same award six years ago. Raygun impressed the judges this year with the technology hurdles its overcome to introduce incredibly fast and detailed Real User Monitoring for companies like Avis, Domino’s Pizza, Coca Cola, HBO, Nascar, and the PGA. And their IP development to manage the super-scaling of user sessions and to find unique ways to significantly increase performance and reduce infrastructure costs has given them real commercial market advantages, combining responsiveness and pricing.” 

While Raygun is passionate about software quality, the team also reinforced their commitment to growing New Zealand’s tech and business community to help the economy thrive on the global stage.

Raygun CEO John-Daniel (JD) Trask, says, “Raygun has grown to 50 people locally. And for me, it’s been hugely rewarding to help grow the next generation to take on the world of software from right here in New Zealand. There’s nothing we can’t do.” 

Raygun wishes to thank the NZ High-Tech Awards for this achievement and congratulates the other finalists in the Duncan Cotterill Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Solution category; Orbica, PaySauce, RedShield, and Rocos.

About Raygun 

Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, Raygun helps thousands of teams globally to get complete, real-time visibility into errors, crashes, and performance issues that their customers encounter. This helps customer-centric teams increase visibility into software health, iterate quickly, and deliver high-quality user experiences each and every time.

About the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards

The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrate New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and highest achieving individuals. Originally launched in 1994 as the VSI Electronics Excellence Awards, they have since evolved into a platform for recognizing the best all of our technology industries: ICT, electronics, software, biotechnology, creative, telecommunications, and digital media.


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