February Launch Notes: The latest Dashboard enhancement for RUM and more

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Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month—from major features to performance updates.

How to build blazingly fast software for customers

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They’ll share real-world stories of how they’ve scaled Raygun to process more than 100 million customer requests per hour, without breaking the bank, using .NET under the hood.

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A guide to Raygun APM

This guide will help you navigate through creating the foundation of your Raygun APM setup.

(Note that APM is currently only available for .NET and Azure App Services.)

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The latest Custom Dashboard enhancement

Screenshot of Average load time distribution tile

We’re always making improvements to the Dashboard. In February, we created a new tile for Real User Monitoring showing the average load time distribution in RUM.

This tile highlights the fastest 10%, average 80%, and slowest 10%. This is a useful way to see the differences between the fastest and slowest load times and to check whether any actions should be taken to reduce the load differences. No need to do anything—this tile will appear automatically in your RUM Dashboard.

How Jeb uses performance insights from Real User Monitoring

By monitoring performance trends like page load time with Raygun’s performance dashboards, Jeb spots trends in his Fortune 500 client’s data quickly.

He explains, “Real User Monitoring allows my teams to perform at a high-level by quickly addressing errors that occur during software development. It also allows me to proactively focus our resources on addressing issues, often before the customer is aware that an issue even exists.” He added, “I can’t live without Real User Monitoring. It’s very helpful.”

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