Introducing unlimited dashboards - Now available on all plans

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Raygun gathers a great deal of data about how users are interacting with your applications - from errors and crashes to users affected by performance problems. We help thousands of teams gain visibility into the health of their apps - and one of the best ways developers do that is with Raygun’s dashboards.

When we first launched dashboards in 2017, we knew you needed them to be easy to use, customizable, and actionable. The dashboards feature is still all that and more, with teams adopting the dashboard as the single pane of glass into the health of their software projects and applications.

But what happens when individual teams would like to create custom dashboards to gain insights into a specific KPI or individual project?

Today, Raygun is excited to announce that we are introducing unlimited dashboards for all plans. This update allows individuals and teams to be more flexible when choosing how and when to display data so they can achieve their unique goals.

There’s no need to do anything - just log in, and you’ll be able to create new dashboards as and when you need them.

Turn data into compelling visualizations

It’s hard to get end-to-end visibility into application performance across teams with just one dashboard display. With the unlimited dashboard functionality now open to all plans, different teams can get an instant view of the health of applications so they can address issues as they arise.

For example, the DevOps manager who owns multiple apps will be able to create a single dashboard that combines data on the most frequently occurring server-side issues and their status. The frontend team could also create a dashboard on user experience, with tiles for load time distribution and live health score. Additionally, the backend team, product team, and ops teams can all have at-a-glance visibility into the most important data they care about.

It’s often that teams may want to get high-level visibility into multiple applications. Instead of switching between the most important applications in Raygun’s app switcher, it’s now easier to create a single high-level dashboard for each of your key applications of projects.

TV mode

Highlighting your data on a screen for everyone to see is a great way to get company-wide visibility on metrics. Take advantage of the TV mode to put data on screens around the office.

Visibility for everyone

Whether you’re a DevOps engineer looking to understand the performance of an application or a VP of engineering needing to see at-a-glance if everything is as it should be, the new unlimited dashboards functionality offers a powerful way to visualize your data across teams, projects, and applications.

Now, any team member can create a dashboard to compare data sets, view the health of a project at a glance, or get visibility into the data you care about across multiple apps.