January Launch Notes: Announcing APM .NET Core support and more

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Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month—from major features to performance updates.

The latest Dashboard enhancements

Gif showing the Raygun Dashboard

The goal of the Dashboard is to allow you to customize how you display your data quickly and easily. Our latest enhancements have made the Dashboard even easier to navigate, plus we’ve added two brand new tiles: a free text tile and a paragraph tile.

  • The free text tile is helpful when you need to compare metrics on the same dashboard, for example, if you need to compare the performance of your iOS app next to your Andriod app.

  • The paragraph tile comes in handy when you need to annotate your dashboard—perhaps you need to add important instructions or remind yourself of some KPIs.

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The Raygun4Apple provider: A technical deep dive

Last year, we made some significant improvements to how we support Apple platforms. The result was a complete overhaul. All of our future support for Apple platforms will come as updates to the Raygun4Apple provider.

Read about how to get set up

Announcing APM .NET Core support in closed beta

We are excited to announce that we will begin our closed beta testing of .NET Core support for Raygun APM in February. We will be supporting ASP.NET Core versions 1 through 2.2 and will be extending this for 3.0 support soon. We will also be supporting self-hosted Kestrel as well as applications hosted in IIS using the ASP.NET Core module.

We will have details about the beta in next month’s Launch Notes.

Minor fixes worth a mention

In other APM news, we had a new APM agent update in January. The v1.0.834 release (Jan 14, 2019) fixed a bug fix for a memory leak in the profiler.

The latest stable release of the Raygun APM Agent and profiler is recommended and includes the latest features and improvements. Next time you log in to Raygun, you’ll see the banner at the top for installing the new agent.

Webinar: Real User Monitoring for Web

Want to maximize your RUM plan so you can deliver even more quality user experiences? Watch customer success team member Joyce cover some great RUM for Web tips.

We cover:

  • Managing live data
  • Understanding and improving your performance data
  • Reproducing errors for specific user sessions
  • Monitoring user satisfaction over time
  • Comparing performance across browser, location, and more

Watch the replay

Vetserve case study

Vetserve and Raygun work together to provide great customer experiences

Vidar Sømme is the Chief Development Officer at Vetserve and is responsible for day-to-day development operations. Providing excellent customer experiences is the most significant selling point for their appointment software solution, so Vidar needs to make sure deployments are error-free.

Discover how Vidar deploys error-free updates

That’s a wrap!

You’re all up to date with the changes to the Raygun Platform in January.

Happy coding!