New and improved support for Apple platforms

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If you’ve ever needed to use Raygun to monitor tvOS apps, today, you’re in luck. Our new and improved Raygun4Apple provider now supports Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring across more Apple platforms: iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

** Note: This is a major version release so there are a few changes you’ll need to make. You can find out how to make the changes in our documentation.

When you’re ready to make the change, download the installer from Raygun.

Here are the improvements in more detail.

Added macOS support

macOS now has full support for both Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring, so you’ll be able to correlate crashes to specific user sessions and more.

If you’d like to try Real User Monitoring for macOS free for 14 days, get in touch with a team member.

Added Swift support

If you use Swift, we’ve got great news for you! We’ve optimized our Objective C APIs to better interoperate with Swift. We are continually improving our support for Swift, so if you would like to request any features, visit our feature request forum.

Diagnosing errors has never been more accurate. Breadcrumbs allow you to attach a trail of events leading up to a crash — whether it’s from an external integration or an in-app navigation issue.

Introducing Breadcrumbs for Apple

To read more about Breadcrumbs, visit our blog post, or, to set up Breadcrumbs for Apple, visit our documentation.

Stored crash report improvements

Out for dinner during a major version release? Capture errors even when you have no internet connection with offline crash reporting for iOS, macOS and tvOS. Great when customers are using your application when Wi-Fi coverage is spotty. You can now set up to 64 reports to be stored on an offline device.

Bitcode support for iOS and tvOS

To support tvOS applications we now ship the Raygun4Apple provider with bitcode enabled by default. This is a requirement by Apple when publishing to their Apple Store.

You can find out more on Apple’s website.

Do you have questions about the new Raygun4Apple provider? Get in touch with a friendly team member.