Writing High Performance .NET Code

Recently our CEO John-Daniel Trask was invited to give a presentation at the 2015 dotnetConf. This was a little different from your everyday and traditional format of a conference, with all sessions being held virtually and viewers tuning in from all over the world. This two-day event includes more than 16 hours of content on subjects such as ASP.NET 5, .NET Core, Roslyn, learnings from running large scale websites, and more!

John-Daniel talked briefly about Raygun, what problems it solves for developers and then detailed how you can write high performance .NET code. Slides for the talk are also available below.

Watch the video below

View the presentation slides here

If you’re needing to increase results or write high performance .NET code yourself, we hope these handy tips are useful to you. Don’t forget, Raygun has support for all major programming languages and platforms including .NET. Try it for FREE with our no obligation trial.