Real user monitoring for your
websites and mobile apps


Improve your website performance with Insights

Automatically identify ways to optimize your website page load speeds in real-time. Insights crawls your website pages periodically, keeping a watchful eye on their health, speed and user experience.

If your team introduce performance issues with new releases (such as uploading a large image or forgetting to minify your JavaScript), Insights will detect the issue and suggest ways to fix the problem. It’s like a having a full time employee keeping a constant watch over your website performance!

Crawling website for performance issues

Is your website suffering from poor page load speeds?

Traditional page checking tools like Google PageSpeed™ will crawl a single page to show you ideas on how to optimize it for better performance, but there could be many pages on your website that don't get crawled or checked, and performance issues can be leading to lost customers and conversions - without you knowing.

47% of users expect your web page to load in under two seconds & 57% of your website visitors will abandon your page if its load time is three seconds or more. Discover the truth behind your website performance metrics and how to improve them.


Front end performance monitoring that fits in with your existing workflows

Insights not only detects poor page performance and optimizations you can make, it also alerts your team to them too. Integrations with Slack allow a weekly summary to be posted into your chat software of choice, making performance problems visible to your entire team automatically.

Application performance stats in Slack

Seeing is believing. Request a demo today!

Boost your page load speeds

Performance monitoring and page load performance timing is performed for you automatically, raising the highest impact fixes you can make and giving you a workflow to solve your website performance issues.

Synthetic testing only lets you view your website performance from static locations to get a broad view of how things are performing, it doesn’t give you the complete picture. Monitor your website and receive real-time performance information from real users, in various locations, using different browsers, operating systems and connections.

Real user monitoring improves your user experience

Forget vanity metrics – what really counts is what your users are experiencing and for that you need real user monitoring. If I was asked to recommend application monitoring software then Raygun would be my first choice.

Karl Gjersten - Infiniforms

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We know that a user is experiencing a problem with our application before they even notice it.

Barry Wark - Ovation

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