10 new Raygun features: #1 Search forum & feature requests

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The festive seasons are upon us and to celebrate, the Raygun product team will introduce a new feature each day (10 in total), starting from today until Christmas!

So, to kick things off, Leo has added a new search form to the Raygun forum pages such as the feature request pages for Crash Reporting & Pulse.


We added this feature because although you folks were always able to search the site (including these pages) via the main search link at the top of the website, you told us that this was not intuitive enough and needed to be more closely associated with the individual pages that you wished to search through. So we’ve listened and have made this a lot easier for everyone.


If you’re not familiar with the forum, this is a Raygun community where our users can support each other, give the team ideas about what features we should build next and tell us about the bugs that they’ve encountered whilst using Raygun. You can find the forum link in the footer of our website. We love reading your feedback and ideas, so keep them coming!

Coming up next, Jeremy takes on a highly requested feature: instant bulk deletes.

By the way, my name is Zheng and I’m a recent addition to the team here at Raygun. As the Director of Product, I’ve enjoyed reading through all of your feedback and comments about our products for the last month (you might’ve even received an email or two from me). So, have an idea about how we can improve Raygun products? Give me a yell and let’s talk 🙂

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6 Comments on “10 new Raygun features: #1 Search forum & feature requests”

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