10 new Raygun features: #7 Source content support

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Speaking of small features that make a big difference (like Callum’s Faster error grouping selection), on day 5 of our 10 New Raygun Features In 10 Days campaign, we asked Alex to work on the source content support, a feature of source maps that Raygun didn’t use to support.  The addition of this feature makes getting source code snippet insertion a lot easier.

Raygun Source Mapping now detects and uses the sourcesContent property that is optionally included in map files. This allows source snippet insertion with ease to give you a better overview of what and where exactly an error occured in your JavaScript source code. Any source map generated with the option –source-map-include-sources  using Uglify2Js should enable easy source snippet insertion.

Coming up tomorrow: Jason’s better support for the iOS provider and integration

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