10 new Raygun features: #6 Assign error groups to users/teams

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Assign to users/teams

On day 6 of our 10 New Raygun Features In 10 Days campaign, we challenged Jamie to work on the ability to assign error groups to a user. You remember Jamie from such blog posts as the Clickable URL’s feature!


Now you can assign an error group to a user or team, and see the errors you’ve been assigned on the crash reporting dashboard.

Assign to users/teams


Assign to users/teams detail screen

Missed the previous new Raygun features? Don’t worry here is the list:

Search on forums & feature requests
Instant bulk deletes
Export users to CSV
Clickable URLs
Fast error group selection

We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business which relies on healthy software to serve there customers. Andrew Schofield, Chief technology officer at Timely. Take a free 14 day trial. Request a short demo of Raygun.

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