VictorOps and Raygun make being on-call suck less

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We’ve all been there. You wake up in the middle of the night and happen to check your phone, and notice a barrage of tweets from angry users saying your app has crashed, or is causing havoc in their own service.

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You’re not even the person in charge of this stuff, but you can’t get hold of the DevOps person who can reset the servers. They’re sleeping, duh!

“What if I hadn’t seen this ’till morning?” you think, as you search through the Raygun errors in Slack and log files trying to find the source of the problem. “Shouldn’t there be an on-call person for when the site is down?”

And that, my friends, is what VictorOps is for.

VictorOps integrates with monitoring systems and ingests information in order to intelligently route actionable incidents to the right team for real-time response (via SMS, email or phone call).

In other words, when you’re on call – you can choose to be alerted only when you have to be.

The VictorOps and Raygun integration allows you to raise monitoring alerts based on errors that are being received by Raygun.

How to use it:

This integration will raise alerts to VictorOps based on configured thresholds for new errors or reoccurring errors (e.g. an error which was previously ignored occurring again). You can specify the number of errors over a given time which will raise an alert in each case.

To integrate your Raygun and VictorOps accounts, just follow these simple steps <=

Being on call doesn’t have to suck. With the VictorOps and Raygun integration you can be alerted when it really matters. If it can wait ’till morning? Carry on snoozin 😉