10 new Raygun features : #2 Instant bulk deletes

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On day 2 of our 10 New Raygun Features In 10 Days campaign, we challenged Jeremy to make the bulk deletes instant. If you’ve missed yesterday’s feature, you can check out search form added for forum & feature requests blog post.

It has been quite a while since we introduced the ability to bulk delete errors either by selection or wholesale by status in Raygun, however one aspect of this process which we have had ongoing feedback on is the time it can take for the deletes to be reflected in your Crash Reporting dashboard.

The reason for this was due to the way we handled bulk deletes to cater for people with a single error all the way up to millions of errors. To avoid delays when actioning a delete we would process the request in the background and the data would slowly be removed from the system. This caused confusion for users as they were clearly expecting the deletion to be handled immediately and would often query why the errors they had deleted were still visible in the error group list.

We are happy to report that due to ongoing infrastructure enhancements and optimizations in Raygun itself we are now able to process bulk deletes immediately. This means now when you delete by selection or by status you will notice that the errors are immediately removed from your group list.

Stay tuned for Alex’s feature tomorrow: The ability to export users to CSV.

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