Don't let errors and performance issues spoil your holiday sales

E-commerce software errors present development teams with unique challenges - so what’s the solution?  

The problem for development teams is that e-commerce sites are vast, with thousands of pages, interactive design elements and almost unlimited navigation paths for end users.

Minor layout bugs and JavaScript errors become impossible for developers to spot - buried under layers of site architecture.

Despite these bugs having a significant effect on company’s sales, in every single audit UX researchers have conducted, they discover lingering errors and technical issues despite testing in up-to-date browsers.

“Nearly every single production site we’ve reviewed could benefit greatly from making (fixing bugs) a bigger priority.”


No-one introduces bugs on purpose. It stands to reason that most e-commerce companies are lacking something remarkably simple: visibility into problems affecting end users.

Raygun has designed our suite of products around this very problem, and we specialize in helping large retailers (like Nordstrom) get visibility into their problems so they can maximize sales during the busiest time of the year.

You don’t know what you don’t know - software errors are buried in logs or not surfaced at all 

Software errors happen as a natural part of your development process. Complex user navigations in a vast variety of environments cause problems you could never have tested for. Raygun alerts you to every error and presents the stack trace to your development team. Raygun compliments your current logging solution by aggregating errors into sophisticated groups and a single digest email so you won’t be flooded with error messages.

Raygun Crash Reporting can help you prevent e-commerce software errors

When Luis Alonzo, a Software Architect for integrated Raygun into their public website, they gained instant visibility into 2,000 errors occurring per hour. If you think this sounds like a lot of extra work in the busy lead up to the holidays, using Raygun’s smart email notification system, they were reduced errors to just 20 in two weeks and gained the benefits of a more user-friendly website. Read their story here.

Do you know exactly which pages are loading slowly, and why?

Slow loading pages are a large culprit of page abandonment, yet is usually among the easiest for your front-end developers to fix. Raygun Real User Monitoring will help you answer questions like:

  • Where exactly did a user encounter a slow loading page?
  • What caused the problem to happen to this user?
  • What was their journey path before encountering the problem?
  • Was their whole session poor or just a single pageview?
  • Was their device, connection speed or location a factor?

Real User Monitoring can prevent e-commerce software errors

You can read how Chris Johnson, CEO of, uses Raygun to spot poor loading pages here.

Users don’t always report errors, so you don’t know what happened or when

With Raygun you don’t always need to be reactive to support tickets, you can solve problems for your customers even if they don’t report them. With the User tracking feature, you can deliver highly tailored messages to users. (Raygun is HIPAA compliant, so you can choose which data Raygun surfaces.) 

Raygun can help prevent e-commerce software errors

Your customers will be surprised and delighted. Read how Senior Development Consultant Jon Crowell proactively solves errors for his users without them having to send an error report. 

You aren’t sure if the latest deployment caused problems

As e-commerce sites grow, constant version releases are needed to ensure they are working smoothly for end users, whether that means migrating parts of your website or implementing new payment providers, the end users shouldn’t notice a thing.

Deployment tracking correlates version releases with error charts so you can spot problematic deployments including the commits that made them. Teams get peace of mind that each release is ready for the public.

Raygun can help prevent e-commerce software errors with Deployment Tracking

Make finding and fixing your e-commerce software errors a priority this holiday season.

Raygun's Software Intelligence Platform doesn’t take long to implement and won’t disrupt your current workflow. Watch data flow through the dashboard almost immediately so you get instant visibility on errors and performance problems affecting critical revenue-earning pages on your e-commerce website.

With no performance overhead, Raygun is like having an extra staff member silently monitoring your application for problems.