New and improved Python error grouping

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Raygun has a long history of continually improving the quality and capability of our Crash reporting grouping logic. Across thousands of customers, it’s essential to help teams quickly discern where to allocate their resources to fix bugs, resolve performance issues, and create better experiences for customers.

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new and improved grouping system for Python. Since our early days, Raygun has supported Python developers, with many Python-based systems reporting into Raygun on a daily basis.

These improvements apply automatically to any errors that are received from our Raygun4Py SDK:

  • Improved error matching and alignment means fewer error groups will be created. This offers a better understanding of the root cause and location of any given issue, aligning more errors into a singular group.
  • Fewer errors are being erroneously grouped together. Less common, but occasionally some instances could be grouped incorrectly. This was minimal, but something that needed addressing.

Overall this helps keep your Raygun Crash Reporting account tidier, with a more focused list of issues, and reduces the work needed to ascertain where to allocate time to fixes. We consistently find that improving grouping helps build our customers’ trust in the Raygun service, which is why we continue to invest in this capability.

If you’d like to customize your error grouping strategy, then you can follow our recently published guide, which outlines actionable tips and tricks to sort errors in a way that is best suited to your needs.

We’d like to recognize the assistance of customers in assisting with this work by allowing us to use their data for testing purposes and providing feedback on the outcome of those improvements.

If you’re already using the Raygun4py provider, then this update will already be available in your account. Otherwise, if you’re new to Raygun and would like to try it out for yourself, you can check out the Raygun4py installation instructions, which will help you get you set up in minutes.